A Polished Arrow {Centerpieces}

IMG_8227A couple times a year, my church has a ladies’ event called “Treats & Testimony.”  It’s a pot-luck style event–everyone brings a “treat”–and a lady from the church speaks to everyone.  For our most recent event, I offered to help and was tasked with making 12 centerpieces.

The theme for the event was taken from Isaiah 49:2, “He has made me polished arrow; in his quiver He hid me away.” Almost immediately I got the vision for the centerpieces–I wanted a quiver filled with old, bent, and weathered arrows, as well as one perfect, polished arrow.  I wanted there to be a nice contrast between the two different types of arrows to help drive home the point our speaker was making.  When I asked what the centerpiece budget was, I was told there wasn’t one (it was a free event). So this forced allowed me to get a little creative with my project.  :-)


I made the quivers from a pack of tan card stock I had on hand (I’ve used that card stock for a baby shower, my son’s birthday party, and my friends’ twins’ birthday party; it’s had a very good run).  The verse was printed at the top and bottom of the paper before I rolled it up and taped it together.  The bottom of the quiver was a round piece of the same colored card stock that I glued on.  I jazzed up the quivers with some scrapbook paper I had on hand, then added ribbon (which I also had on hand) for the strap.  The unpolished arrows were sticks that Baby and I collected every morning on our walk around the neighborhood.   For the fletchings (that’s the end of the arrow, and yes, I had to look that up), I cut  more of the brown card stock in a “V” shape, drew some lines for texture and hot glued to the end of the stick.  The polished arrows were dowels, spray painted gold.  The arrow itself was white card stock, also spray painted gold, and glued to the tip.  To secure the arrows, I used pieces of flower foam from the Dollar Tree.


I also made two jumbo sized quivers to use as centerpieces on the food tables.  These quivers were made from poster board wrapped in butcher paper.  The verse was printed on white paper and taped on.  They had no bottom because they were so massive. And to be perfectly honest, I was starting to get a little lazy after 12 quivers and about a million arrows.  :-)  For the arrows, I just used larger sticks and dowels.


Total cost for 12 regular sized centerpieces and 2 jumbo centerpieces was only about $12.  I wasn’t quite within the $0 budget, but I was close enough, and decided to bring them as my “treat” for the event.  It was a really wonderful morning, fellowshipping with friends, eating yummy treats, and listening to our youth pastor’s wife speak.  What an incredible testimony of God’s grace and restoration!  And like any really excellent church ladies’ event, there was plenty of crying.  :-)

This quiver/arrow project was extremely inexpensive, as well as simple and fun.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this would be a fun, little craft to with the kiddos.  It would also be a great DIY project or party craft for a Hunger Games themed event!




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5 comments on “A Polished Arrow {Centerpieces}

  1. Julie Grammy on said:

    That’s my girl! SO LOVE THIS!
    On so many levels! And SO sharin ALL of this idea with the WMLT TODAY at our monthly prep meeting – Women Meeting idea, theme and decorations!

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  3. These are so pretty!

  4. What a cool and creative idea, Angie! I just threw a BRAVE party for my daughter and should totally have made these. Thanks for sharing (and sorry I’m so ridiculously late in commenting!)

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