Peach, Chicken & Pepper Jack Quesadillas with Honey-Lime Sour Cream

I recently saw a recipe for peach, chicken, and pepper jack quesadillas with honey-lime sour cream on Gimme Some Oven’s site that looked simply a-MAZE-ing.  I’ve tried a number of Ali’s recipes and have never been disappointed, plus I just happened to have all the ingredients in my house (except the jalapenos), so I made it that very night.  And it tasted just as delicious as it looked! A perfect combo of spicy and sweet, it’s the ideal summer meal.  Because it’s so simple and delicious, this recipe fast became a staple meal in our house, especially I’m alone for dinner.  Since that first quesadilla, I’ve made sure to grab a jalapeno to add subsequent quesadillas, and I’m so glad I did.  The jalapeno really enhances the flavor of the quesadilla, giving it just a bit of “umph”.  If you’re concerned about the amount spice (don’t worry, I’m a pansy too), simply remove the seeds of the jalapeno before dicing (most of the heat is in the seeds) (oh, and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after seeding and dicing the jalapeno, especially if you’re going to be giving food to your starving baby with the hollow leg immediately after).

Each time I make this recipe, I tend to change it up a bit, depending on what I do or do not have on hand. I typically use pepper jack cheese instead of Monterey Jack because that’s what is usually in our fridge. Also I didn’t read the recipe closely enough to realize Ali uses Monterey Jack. I also add red onion–for some reason thought the recipe called for red onion, which it doesn’t. It’s yummy without, but feel free to get a little wild and crazy and throw some in to experiment (I really should start paying more attention to recipes).  I’ve also used plain yogurt when I was out of sour cream (not because I didn’t read the recipe thoroughly).

So head over to Gimme Some Oven for the full recipe (and please don’t compare my sad pictures to Ali’s beautiful photos; gosh, her’s always look so good).  Thanks for another great recipe, Ali!



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